When you think about this Los Angeles Lakers season, it’s like one big tryout. Young guys, with little to no chemistry together, trying to somehow put wins together.

Pau GasolWith Pau Gasol being the only established veteran player on the team, a lot of uncertainty is on the horizon for these young guys. Kobe Bryant has been vocal about who he wants back, and it’s Gasol, of course. With Bryant being very vocal about his frustration and impatience with the whole rebuilding plan, it’s difficult to know what players will be returning next season

A multitude of factors go into bringing players back. You have to remember, L.A. wants to swing for the fences, which means big names who currently are not on the Lakers. Will guys be willing to take another year of a pay cut if they could possibly get more money someplace else? Also, will guys be willing to take another one year deal to save the team money? After all at the end of the day these players are human, have families and want stability. So this process is a long one.

Gasol and Nick Young are more than likely top on the Lakers want to keep list. Gasol has been unbelievable when healthy. Averaging 17.7 points, 9.9 rebounds and almost 4 assist a game. Great numbers for the Spaniard. With this being his last year under contract, the Lakers are going to have to do some great bargaining with Gasol, along with Bryant helping by voicing his wanting for him to stay a Laker. There will be plenty more offers for Gasol, but his heart is in L.A. The front office has to do whatever to keep him.

When it comes to Young, it’s a bit different. He has a player option at the end of this season, meaning he can opt out and test the free agency market, or opt in and remain a Laker for his final year under contract. There’s no doubt offers will be there for Young if he chooses free agency. He’s had a great season – averaging 17 points and just about 3 rebounds per game coming off the bench.

Young was easily the leading candidate for sixth man of the year before going down with a knee injury. Gasol and Young have given the Lakers great play when healthy despite the terrible season the team is having. I think it’s safe to say those are the top guys the ororginaztiaion and fans want to see remain a Laker. From the on court production, to in the locker room. Gasol and Young deserve to remain in the purple and gold.

Steve NashAfter Young, Gasol, and Kobe. It’s a gamble for mostly everyone else. Only Steve Nash and Robert Sacre are under contract. With the speculation of LA potentially going after big names this summer, and having a lottery pick it’s realistic to say many of these Lakers under their current 1yr deal won’t be back. The Laker Sumner of 2014 will be a true Hollywood Story to say the least.

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