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RT @MagicsTweets: Laker Nation: I saw my good friends Jim and Jeanie Buss today! They were fighting over who sits shotgun in the car! Craz…
RT @MagicsTweets: Now we know how my good friend Dee Gordon suddenly became one of the best second-basemen ever last season! Wow!
RT @AnthonyIrwinLA: Per multiple reports, Dee Gordon has been suspended 80 games for PEDs. Wow.
RT @MagicsTweets: Dodger Nation: The @Dodgers NEED to hit a three-pointer here to tie it up! Come on, Dodgers!
RT @AnthonyIrwinLA: Lakers fans should educate themselves with Chick Hearn’s Top Ten moments, just starting on @TWCSportsNet.
RT @ducksallday: Turned the team around. Took what wasn't working and made it work so well they went from last to first in 3 months. https:…
Wish you all the best, Bruce. May you one day solve The Great Enigma that is Games 6 and 7.
RT @oddtoddious: Gotta say, there wasn't a single moment between Tuesday night and tonight when I thought the #AnaheimDucks wouldn't tie th…
Watching #NHLDucks vs #LAKings on a Russian stream is magical. No Kings announcers! (Respect to Bob Miller though)
Well I guess we don't have to hate the Canucks as much now. #KingsLose in regulation. #LetsGoDucks